OMRT Rescues Injured Climber in the Ouray Ice Park

Photos by Nate McKenzie

The OMR Team was called out for an injured climber at the bottom of the lead only area of the Ouray Ice Park on March 4, 2011. The climber sustained hip, pelvic, and rib injuries as a result of a 50-foot fall. Approximately 15 OMR team members responded to the call, as well as Ouray County EMS and SO personnel. The injured climber had the good fortune of climbing with highly trained partners with extensive medical and rigging experience. The injured climber’s party stabilized and treated the patient on-scene until OMR personnel arrived to assist with patient packaging and extrication. The patient was raised from the bottom of the Gorge utilizing the capstan system on OMR’s R12 rescue vehicle, and a tether backtie for litter stabilization. The patient was then transferred to Ouray County EMS, and ultimately transferred to St. Mary’s CareFlight out of Grand Junction.

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